Bespoke Digital continues to grow its innovative approach to content production with its latest for tech giant Google, marking its third consecutive launch collaboration with the brand. For more than 20 years, Bespoke’s expertise has evolved to include delivering on all aspects of its clients’ visions and multimedia needs, and introducing the minty fresh new Pixel 8 is no exception.

THE ASK : Creating a wide buzz surrounding the launch of the Fresh Mint Color Limited Edition Pixel 8 & Pixel 8 Pro.

'This campaign required a myriad of cross-functional capabilities, which pushed our team at Bespoke to creatively leverage a diverse array of techniques that resulted in the most successful live event possible for our client. Our collaboration with Google is a perfect example of how Bespoke can seamlessly integrate with internal creative teams and help them bring their vibrant concepts to life.' Bespoke Founder, Aaron Griesdorn

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Google Mint (1)

THE IDEA : Pushing the boundaries of traditional OOH and redefining the concept of artist takeover in collaboration with street artist It’s a Living.

This marked the first artist collaboration for the Pixel brand, featuring a mural art activation as part of the out-of-home artist takeover in New York.

The goal was to surprise and tease the new color by dripping mint paint on existing Google Pixel billboards and digital assets on 1/19/24. This was followed by the announcement of the Pixel Mint device on 1/25/24 through a live mural painting activation in SoHo, accompanied by a behind-the-scenes video introducing the artist and highlighting the positive message behind the collaboration.

Google Mint (bts1)
Google Mint (bts 2)
Google Mint (bts 3)
Google Mint (bts 4)
Google Mint Spray Paint
Google Mint (bts 5)

With its seasoned team of CG artists, editors, and colorists, Bespoke meticulously handled every facet of the project, from inception to post-production, and the final behind-the-scenes film. Playing such a pivotal role in planning the new product reveal, the studio worked for months on the execution.

The artist's calligraphy was animated in CG for DOOH and social media channels.

Google Mint (1)
Google Mint (digital kiosk)
Google Mint (CGI 4:5)

Leveraging its expertise in content creation and print, Bespoke took the lead in media buying to identify ideal event locations for installing painted billboards and hosting live mural painting events.

Google Mint (billboard1)
Google Mint (billboard2)

Further supporting the artist, Bespoke created an authentic BTS video that highlighted the artist's voice, developed immersive CG animations to conceptualize the artist's painting style, and created exclusive phone case merchandise for a giveaway.

Google Mint (bts 6)
Google Mint (bts 7)
Google Mint (bts 11)
Google Mint (bts 9)
Google Mint (bts 8)
Google Mint (bts 10)


Included in the deliverables for this Google Mint Pixel 8 launch were a behind-the-scenes film, social media assets, original CG animation for 250 digital-out-of-home electronic kiosks across Manhattan and Brooklyn, an artist-painted static billboard at 389 Canal Street, commercial teasers (including CG elements), editorial, sound, color grading, sourcing and coordinating the artist, production of 100 custom phone cases for a giveaway and 100 custom paint canvases for a painting class at the event, locations and permits, media recording, live-streaming, and the art installation at the Google store.

Google Mint (Animation)
Google Mint (bts 12)
Google Mint (bts 13)
Google Mint (revealbillboard1)
Google Mint (revealbillboard2)

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