Forming emotional product memories in further reaching formats. Some objects of desire are much more than just objects, brand icons have historical power of recognizable form, a weight of visual recognition that can confidently take products into new realms of (consumer) experience.

The tounchdesigner generative production (not strictly CGI) presents a sensorial storytelling visualizing the power of a scent, a medium that can also form applications in physical space.

The concept was to curate memories to a desired state through code, play on a fragrances unique power to spark the dormant subconscious and recall our most emotional of events.

Create feelings fragmented recollection in fleeting flows, mimic long forgotten moments that drift in and out of our consciousness that are often a blur of reality and fiction, conjured by a fragrance.

BSKP 3D | Olfaction


Bespoke Digital

Creative Direction

Paul J Dalton

Touch Designer Artist


Olfaction - 1
Olfaction - 2
Olfaction - 3
Olfaction - 4
Olfaction - 5
Olfaction - 6
Olfaction - 7
Olfaction - 8
Olfaction - 9
Olfaction - 10

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