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San Fransisco based beauty brand Tatcha looked to us to create a campaign in launching their protective setting powder, - The Silk Powder.

The talc free protective setting powder helps makeup last longer, blurs pores, and protects the skin against blue light and pollutants to give a translucent radiant finish.

The powder is built for the modern age in protecting skin from digital screens yet also steeped in the past.
A complete silk protein provides a protective veil while Japanese Pearl Powder, time-honored in beauty rituals for centuries, promotes a healthy-looking radiance.

The Silk Powder
Creative Direction: Bespoke Digital
Production: Bespoke Digital

Motion Stills CGI/VFX

TATCHA: The Silk Powder

Based around a diverse cast of skin tone and character, film, stills and animation bring Tatcha’s soft palette of delicate Japanese heritage to life with ‘now’ in mind to present the natural satin effects of the powder.
Equal parts product demo film and evocative campaign piece we aimed to bridge the gap between the two, relatable castings with storied but informative sequence, - while tight views to skin and rotating camera motion create more graphic compositions under background tones that directly relate to the brand.

A key part of the descriptive nature of the film was to devise and include animated segments showing the effects of the powder on skin. Devising a unique look and feel that bridged the worlds of 2D and 3D animation we balanced out Tacha’s need of tradition and hand-crafted feel with the practical modernity of the product.
Creating something truly own-able and original required a multi-stage evolution in direction and development.

Through thoughtful art direction devised for the campaign we were able to move-along Tatcha’s own visual language, specifically how they look and feel in film, but this also had implications at a social and product portrayal level in how the brand choose to move forward with their communications.

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