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Bespoke Idents are an on-going series of works exploring what Bespoke look like in motion design, how our direction and creative approach in CGI reflects the industries we work with.

In a glimpse behind the scenes, we case study our favourite 3 ident explorations and bring the creative development to the forefront, it’s an integral part of the process that often has complimentary assets of worth along the way.

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Bespoke CGI Ident Creative Development           
Case Study
Creative Direction: Bespoke Digital
Production: Bespoke Digital




The development of our beauty inspired ident was all about materials, great volumetric-inspired cosmetics and hard exteriors. At the early stages of development we visualised a number of different treatments from matt and gloss plastics representing the outer product shell to lipsticks, colourful liquids and compacted powders under a range of art direction and reference.

With a materials bias we wanted to create thick luxurious liquid reveals in unexpected fashion, iridescent  powder thrown in a turbulent vortex of movement rather than explosion, and in representing the product outer create a linear high-gloss logo that felt epic and powerful, neither plastic nor glass. While some of the creative development was forged in Cinema 4D final production was made in Houdini due to an added flexibly in logo interaction with our materials.

Our cameras were slow, low or high, and panning to create focus on the look, while sound design reflected a journey in linking the purposefully disparate look and feel of each material.

Cinema 4D, Houdini, Redshift


The ident route was all about showcasing the best of fabric movement through beautiful flow, interaction and reveal like a cloaking devise.
Early stages of development however were simply about shrouding the logo with less vibrant movement before landing on a series of directional and intentional winds to create the reveal and conceal. Trialling a wide range of materials we wanted to amp the luxury creating two core looks, a champagne sheer chiffon and rich dark velvet.

Textile animation being largely simulation based we used a combination of Marvellous designer and Cinema 4D to create our flowing push and pull of fabric. Early development explored the idea of sucking and releasing the textile to a form but ultimately we fell in love with the elegance of directional wind, like a beautiful tool to exploit the best of the fabrics flow while logo moved in and out of visibility.
A series of locked-off cameras capture a slow reveal of logo while sound design was tribal and rhythmically devised to sit with our constant winds.

Cinema 4D, Mavellous Designer, Redshift


Our objective of effecting and transforming the surface brings with it a wealth of possibilities, so a wider R&D was key to the development of the ident.
From modular objects forming characters in magnetising to a surface, to a digital living surface never solid... we arrived at the animation mainstay of a scan device, activating change and a temporary surface transformation.
A digital soundscape carries us though the world created while cameras in each scene rotate in orbit and skewed perspective.

With a bias of digital effects pallte in mind this was all about experimentation, Cinema 4D gave us a method of trialing a number of techniques at pace to drive on the effects direction of the ident.

Cinema 4D, Redshift

Bespoke Idents are an on-going series of works exploring what we look like in motion design and how our creative approach to CG reflects the industries we work with.

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