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Alongside commercial client works Bespoke started its full process CGI journey in early 2020 creating in-house pieces exploring the notion of our identity in motion.

Working with a team of artists our creative direction for each iteration of the Bespoke mark is hinged on one of our client sectors, reinterpreting the attributes that make their products unique and stand-out.

As with film, CGI became a unique platform for us to explore how we look and feel in moving image but also in creative solutions and visual direction - being increasing asked and focused on full process works. Luckily we absolutely love to ideate, direct and bring that vision to life.

See the process:


Bespoke CGI Idents           

Creative Direction: Bespoke Digital
Production: Bespoke Digital



The beauty materials inspired ident and stills set came about by working with an increasing array of product and still life imagery for beauty brands in both direction, retouch and post-production.
Our concept focused on exploiting the best of materials, bringing to the forefront the stark contrasts of the volumetric or liquid beauty product inners, and the hard product exterior, each a unique material and beautiful in their own right.
Powder, thick, luxurious liquids and high gloss premium materials would form our palette of disparate differences, movements and reveals, while paning cameras and a dawn-to-dusk soundscape direction dragged the different looks into a magical world of ‘material and effect’, - much like the beauty product.

In both stills and motion we produced a range of looks exploring material densities and variants, colourations and alternate lightings.


The direction for our textile ident was all about one thing, the flow of beautiful fabric. Under this ethos we chose to not really have a logo - only the fabric... but treat our identity as an invisible form, cloaked and shrouded by turbulent, directional winds in reveal and conceal of its form.
Accompanied by an original tribal sound direction that carries our vibrant motion on the non-stop wind, the journey of sequential reveal is heightened by two key opulent finishes, a champagne, sheer chiffon and a rich, opaque velvet, both devised to best catch the light under minimal camera movement... the flow of fabric is the hero.

Colour and finish trials to chiffon and velvet textures under different lighting within the scene.


Set in a void and space, we explore ‘cause and effect’ in the concept of a temporary transformation. From the forming of characters by digital building blocks, to scanning its surface for a transient reaction, our aim was to present a hard form as a living entity through an effects palette.
Sweeping orbital camera motion and tight views to characters enhance a feeling of scale with the introduction of dust particles floating in past camera, we’re transported to a very different place in combination with its digital soundscape.

Colour minimalist, our art direction to stills and motion created a sense of non-place where effect and void would live alongside sequential logo reveal.

Bespoke Idents are an on-going series of works exploring what Bespoke look like in motion design and how our direction and creative approach of CGI reflects the industries we work with.

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