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Spanning cosmetics, jewellery and fragrance in 3D, our in-house series of stills and motion shorts explore unique presentations of the hard-form and product worlds.

With creative direction hinged on constructs that reference contemporary still life in film and photography, we visually bridge different mediums while keeping just a hint of visible CGI to the image making, abstraction and a sense of the impossible... - or at least incredibly difficult to achieve in-camera.

Bespoke’s 3D shorts are an ongoing series of works devised to visualise our point of view in direction of 3D whilst exploring subjects relevant to  the sectors of industry we work with.
Bespoke 3D Shorts: Series 1           

Creative Direction: Bespoke Digital
Production: Bespoke Digital

CGI/VFX Stills

Bespoke Digital 2021


Our first instalment is a photographically inspired reflection on contemporary beauty. We wanted to couple the living natural world and the inanimate man-made product form, one mimicking, supporting and reflecting the beauty of the other.

There are many similarities to the contrasting elements of shine or matte, vibrancy and texture. and off-axis rotational camera movements around a central totem, we let materials do the work in glimpse or reveal under spot lightings only to the scene. There are many similarities to the contrasting elements of shine or matte, vibrancy and texture.


With a hang and a swing, a back and forth, and a fall in repeat,  - we looked to the precision world of horology to create a delicate and immersive take on the pendulum. Bringing together two worlds, time (and timing) with a fine jewellery product focus, the suspended object and mono-paced perpetual movement in skewed macro view is devised to emphasise the precious object and precise finish.

Dramatic contrasts and elegant chromatics, the desaturated precious metals reflect lighting in a perfect way for this take on a classic motion design movement. Apparently all that glitter ‘is’ gold after all.


‘Doubling up’ creates a graphic interest to imagery but also brings a sense of the other-worldly in the slick reflection of form.
In our fragrance inspired 3D short and stills we chose to play-off the glass vessel and also the liquid fragrance it holds, both of which have the potential to mirror, reflect... and perhaps reveal the other worldly or unexpected.

Mirroring the bottle and liquid our scene would move from a void to liquid like in state like a proximity sensor and portal to the beauty of our bottle in its liquid abstraction, while peaks and troughs to pace of motion act like a liquid ripple to organically join shots.


Devised as a stills series we looked to the interior and industrial design landscape in a light and materials study focused on lighting.

Hard industrialised materials and finishes alongside showroom-like compositions gave us the opportunity to create the truly photo-real in 3D showing both the power of lighting to capture the best of the object but also that which we take for granted, an emanation and power of light projected at the flick of a switch.

Bespoke 3D shorts are an on-going series of in-house R&D works presenting our approach to 3D visualisation and the presentation of the product. Series 2 to follow soon.
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