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Bespoke’s 3D shorts are an ongoing series of works devised to visualise our point of view in direction of 3D whilst exploring subjects relevant to  the sectors of industry we work with.

Bespoke 3D Shorts: Flower Futures           

Creative Direction: Bespoke Digital
Production: Bespoke Digital

CGI/VFX Stills

Flower Futures

Preservation for the year 3022. In the Future Flowers R&D short, we produce a vision for the future of plant life that finds beauty in the highly delicate but clearly engineered replica.

Imagine a world where flowers are extinct and lab-creation will never be true to the original.

An unstable beauty where form and growth are enhanced in evolution but the life-form unstable and fragile, hanging by a thread in its existence… in fact more delicate than the original.

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