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Bespoke’s 3D shorts are an ongoing series of works devised to visualise our point of view in direction of 3D whilst exploring subjects relevant to  the sectors of industry we work with.

Bespoke 3D Shorts: Audio           

Creative Direction: Bespoke Digital
Production: Bespoke Digital

CGI/VFX Stills

2.3: AUDIO

Like music manifests mood, some objects simply affect the world around us - they scream quality and become icons of lifestyle, living, design and engineering.

Our purpose was to invite you to look again at the iconic speaker system through a new lens, visualise sound in a way that felt purely in-tune with the product form and its materials rather than its features or using a soundtrack as a crutch.
A controlled ripple, staggered repeat, thoughtful emanation and wave reflect the rigidity of hard edges and flowing forms designed for precision projection.

The speaker series is really a story of pioneering aluminium engineering that goes back to the 1950’s, consistently tweaked to better eliminate sound distortion, its both a beautiful form but also very-much form-follows-function.

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