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Bespoke have partnered with brands, agencies, production companies and digital artists across the globe since 2005.

We form creative solutions for a digital age to engage audiences of today.

Stills and Motion, 3D/CGI and Post-Production for Film, with creative direction that challenges convention and elevates client communications.

Grounded in a contemporary culture and innovation, we believe in the power of collaboration across a variety of sectors, crafting refined images and intelligent, informed visual experiences.

—    Creative Direction
—    3D Motion Design & VFX
—    Stills Retouching
—    Post-Production for Film
—    Shoot Production
        & many other things...

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212.226.3731 ︎︎︎

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Photographers, Directors, Retouchers, Editors, VFX and 3D artists 
get in touch︎︎︎ we are always looking to expand our network of talented collaborators.

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